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Nick and Ashley’s Two-Year Home Search Ends With Success

Susan Saccucci poses with her clients Nick and Ashley after helping them sell their home.

When Nick and Ashley met Susan two years ago, they never expected that she would help them find their dream home, two years later. The couple met Susan at an open house while looking at options, even though they weren’t ready to buy at the time. “She left a really good impression on us, we really liked her approach,” said Nick when he first met Susan.

During the two years, Susan kept in touch with the couple, making them feel appreciated. “She was in communication with us quite a bit without us reaching out to her first. “She sent us cards, notes, personal emails, even leaf bags in the fall,” Ashley said. Nick who has a marketing background was quite impressed with Susan’s approach, “Her marketing is really exceptional, it really appealed to me and I thought it was really different,” he said.

The couple who got married in February of this year were looking to expand their home, with plans to start a family, the couple knew they needed to hire an agent who would be able to help them find their dream home as well as help them sell their current one.

After staying in touch with them for two years, Nick and Ashley decided to contact Susan to help them with their search, “Susan is very detailed and very involved with the Etobicoke market,” Nick says, which is why the couple knew Susan would be the perfect agent for them.

After providing Susan with their home search criteria, “We were looking for a specific home,” Ashley recalled, the newlyweds looked at five homes. Out of the five homes they looked at, none of them fit their needs. When the couple finally found their dream home, it was Susan who pushed the couple to see it even though the home wasn’t on their list, “The house that we bought, we had seen it online, but really had no intention on going to look at it,” Ashley said. “It was actually Susan that said, ‘This home fits all your boxes, so just come look at it and humour me.’” In the end, Susan’s instincts helped her clients find their dream home, “It had everything that we needed. The layout was absolutely perfect. The location is great. The neighbourhood is amazing,” Ashley said about their new home.

Susan was there to help and guide the couple during a nerve wrecking experience, Nick and Ashley bought their new home a week before they left on their honeymoon, and then sold their current home within two weeks of getting back. After having such a smooth transaction with Susan, the couple knew they made the right decision hiring her, “Susan was also looking out for our financial future, not just to make a sale,” Nick said about their new home purchase.

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