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Eringate – Etobicoke

Eringate homes and demographics

Where Is It?

More formally known as the Eringate-Centennial-West Deane neighbourhood it starts at Martingrove Road and spans west to Etobicoke Creek and from Burnthamthorpe Road up to Eglinton Ave. West, taking in all of Centennial Park.

It is just minutes from Lester B. Pearson International Airport and as such it’s favoured for those who work there, fly out of there or even have to travel constantly for work.

Eringate also takes in some of West Deane Park which like most the surrounding area was farmland back before World War Two.

What Is It Like?

It was bought up in the 1930s by construction magnate Percy Law who raised cattle and racehorses and ran a storage depot for construction equipment. He also built himself a Colonial Revival style home in the area.

By the 1960s the land was sold to developer, Edmund Peachey, who went on to build most of the homes in the area, naming it after his wife, Deane. Around the same time Vallengrove Park subdivision was also taking off. It was named after the developer who was building those proto-typical threebedroom, one bathroom brick bungalows on 50-foot wide lots. They sold for about $17,000 new back then. You can multiply that by a few times today!

If you tour the area around Wellsworth School you might still see tulips growing there. They were donated by the Netherlands after World War Two as a thank you to Canadian troops who liberated them. The Dutch also donated thousands of tulips to Ottawa where they grow every spring in an annual spectacle.


Demographically the Eringate is a strong, stable community where more than 53 per cent of some 20,000 residents listed as working adults, 23 to 54 years old. About 15 per cent of the population are children under 14-years-old while youth 15 to 24 make up 13 per cent. Seniors over 65-years-old account for about for 20 per cent.

Other than English Ukrainian, Polish, Italian and Serbian are the most other common languages followed by Portuguese, Spanish and Korean. As with anywhere in Toronto, however, there are smatterings of many other languages.

The area is also predominately stocked with single family homes, some 3,000, far greater than the townhouses and row houses inventory. There are also about 1,700 or more apartments in buildings fve storeys or more.

Schools include:

Briarcrest Junior School – A public elementary school located at 60 Wellesworth Drive, east of Renforth Drive. It was opened on September 1958.

Hollycrest Middle School – A middle school located close to the intersection of Renforth Drive and Rathburn Road. It is on the western boundary of the Toronto District School Board. It was built in 1967 as a special Centennial project. It has wide, open spaces, bordering the Etobicoke Olympium. Students from elementary schools such as Wellesworth Junior School, Briarcrest Junior School, Mill Valley Junior School and Broadacres Junior School are most likely to be in Hollycrest. There are also students from all over Etobicoke.

Hollycrest is a feeder school for Silverthorn Collegiate Institute.

Josyf Cardinal Slipyj Elementary Byzantine Rite Catholic School (housed in the former West Deane Junior School)

Michael Power/St. Joseph High School (housed in the former Vincent Massey Collegiate Institute building, founded 1961 until 1985)

Mother Cabrini Catholic Elementary School Nativity of Our Lord Elementary School – A Catholic elementary school located at 35 Saffron Crescent, close to the intersection of Renforth Drive and Rathburn Road. It is situated next door to the church of the same name. The school has 2 foors and 9 outdoor portable classrooms. The school has an optional French immersion program that begins in Grade 5.

It is a feeder school for Etobicoke’s frst Catholic secondary school, Michael Power-St. Joseph High School, which moved to a nearby location in the 1990s.

Seneca School is a public elementary school located on Rathburn Road close to the intersection of Renforth Drive, beside the Etobicoke Olympium and in Centennial Park. The school was originally built by the Metropolitan Toronto Association for the mentally challenged in 1967. At that time, it served students from ages seven to twenty-one years of age. Currently, the school provides a structured team approach to support primary and junior students, aged 4 to 12, who have developmental challenges.

Wellesworth Junior School is a public elementary school located at 225 Wellesworth Drive, north of Rathburn Road, east of Renforth Drive and west of Highway 427. It was opened in 1960.

Other Institutions in the area include:

Briarcrest Park

Centennial Park

Centennial Park Golf Centre

Elmbrook Park Library

Eringate Mall

Eringate Park

Wellesworth Park

West Deane Park


Richview United Church

Graceview Presbyterian Church

St Philip’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

Gospel of Christ Church

Nativity of Our Lord Roman Catholic Church

Local meetinghouse of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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