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Alderwood – Etobicoke

Where Is It?

Alderwood area map

Alderwood runs south of Evans Avenue, just below the Gardiner Expressway where it joins the Queen Elizabeth way, bordered by Etobicoke Creek in the west and the railway tracks in the east and at the south and is home to about 12,000 people.

 What Is It Like?

Alderwood Neighbourhood DemographicsTake a trip out and see for yourself: It’s idyllic. Leafy canopies of trees line streets of pre and post war bungalows. Many are close to their original state but many have also been transformed through second storey pop ups, doubling their size and completely modernized inside. Mostly, though, Alderwood is single family homes with just a few condos popping up here and there.

Like many of Toronto’s neighbourhoods, it has the vibe of a small village. Indeed, Toronto is known as the city of neighbourhoods and Alderwood is just that. The history of the area dates to the 1850s when it was four farm lots and in the 1920s it was subdivided as part of the Town of New Toronto and originally named New Toronto Heights or New Toronto Park. The street were laid out as a grid and named alphabetically.

After World War II Alderwood saw a jump in population, many of whom were displaced Europeans. By about 1967 the scattering of small towns and villaged were amalgamated to form the Borough of Etobicoke.

Alderwood is distinctly mostly single family homes, with very little commercial spaces. It’s core population is aging, leading to declining enrolment in some schools.


According to the City of Toronto about 1,000 households are couples without children, 1,340 are couples with children and 535 are single parent families with the rest, 430 listed as “other.” The bulk are two and three person homes and half the couples are legally married.

The population is about 58 per cent working age at 24 to 64, with 11 per cent youth, 15, to 24, and 17 per cent seniors over 65. About 14 per cent are children. Statistically it has more senior, about the same number of core working age people, but fewer youth and children. The vast majority of seniors are living with family.

Some 91 per cent speak English with other languages ranked as Polish, 6.1 per cent followed by Italian at fve per cent, Portuguese, 3.6 per cent, Ukrainian, 2.7 per cent and then down to the single digits for a variety of languages from there.

Most of the residents in Alderwood were born in Toronto and Poland, Italy and Phillipines are the top three sources of immigration for the others. Generally residents are well educated with 64 per cent holding a postsecondary certifcate, diploma or degree.

Economically they seem to do well. 31 per cent of households earn between $20,000 and $50,000 while 27 per cent earn up to $80,000, 23 per cent earn up to $125,000 and 12 per cent earn more than 125,000 after tax.

Schools include:

Lanor Junior Middle School – A public elementary school located at the west end Lanor Avenue. It was built in 1952. The school was originally a junior school and became a junior middle school in 1984 when Franklin Horner Middle School was closed. Lanor is known for its great sports teams who have won few competitions, however, have always been good sports. It is also famous for its drama program which puts on 3 performances a year and its music program with guitars for every student.

Sir Adam Beck Junior School – A public elementary school on Horner Avenue south of the Gardiner Expressway and west of Browns Line. It was frst opened in 1921 in the honour of the founder of Ontario Hydro. The new school was built on the same property in 1999. This School only goes up to grade 5.

St Ambrose Catholic Elementary School is a catholic elementary school on Coules Court and has served as an elementary school since the 1950s. Most of its students went on to the local high school Father John Redmond Catholic Secondary School after completing grade 8.

Other Institutions in the area include:

Alderwood Public Library

Alderwood Public Pool

Alderwood Plaza

Connorvale Park

Franklin Horner Community Centre (formerly Franklin Horner Middle School)


St Ambrose Roman Catholic Church

Alderwood United Church

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Slovenian Catholic Church

Holy Family Coptic Catholic Church

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