3 P’s of Selling in a Quick Market

Given the low inventory of available homes, more people are buying first and selling second. Folks are scared they won’t find the right home or “win” in a bidding war. So when you’ve bought your next home and you are ready to sell, here are some tips:

  1. Preparation – as soon as you can after firming up your offer to purchase, start packing! Anything that you won’t use in the next 2 months, pack it up and move it out. Hopefully you have friends or family that will let you store your stuff for a while. Your home will be more appealing, the personalization will be gone. Make the move emotionally ahead of the physical move that is upcoming.
  2. Pricing it right – making this decision is a hard one. Rely on the comparable facts. There really is only one price for your home… the one your buyer will pay. In the long run it will make your life so much easier. Properly priced homes are selling quickly; don’t let yours be the one that stays on the market for weeks on end when everything else is selling in days.
  3. Promotion – it’s not just about MLS… does your agent know who is most likely to buy your home? Are they targeting their advertising to that group? Are they promoting it to other agents? In a quick market you want as many people to see your home in the shortest time period possible.