3 P’s of Buying in a Quick Market

When you have to action quickly to avoid a multiple offer situation or you need to have your offer stand out amongst the rest, use the tips:

  1. Pre-approval – get your mortgage information ready. Your offer to purchase is more appealing to a seller without a financing condition
  2. Pre-inspection – if an offer date has been identified, arrange to have this done BEFORE your offer.
    • One less condition and another reason for the seller to choose your offer. A small price to pay for peace of mind and improving the likelihood of your offer being chosen.
  3. Price - know the price you want to pay and stick to it. Think of the amount, that even if you lost it by $1000, you’d be okay with it.
    • a. A good agent (ME) will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the comparable market pricing so you are well advised to make your decision. You may not “win” in your bid, but you will know that you had a fair price on the table and when your offer is accepted you will know you didn’t let emotions push you to over paying. In the end, the “right” home will be the one you end up with.