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Decluttering Tips for Downsizing

Posted by susansaccucci on January 29, 2017
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If 2017 brings a downsize for you deciding how to go about this can be the biggest stressor and could put you in a position that costs actual dollars.

The good thing is that there are services out there that can help. Trusted Transitions, Downsizing Divas and RedCoats

I recently worked had a client who wanted to sell her family home of 28 years. There were many memories and cherished items in this large 4 bedroom sidesplit. With the help of my team and Elaine Frost from Trusted Transitions we were able to transform her home into one that any buyer could see themselves living in.

Here are just a few tips you can start with to get yourself physically and emotionally ready for this next phase of your life.

1. Organize


organize to downsize your home

Determine what you will be taking with you. If your planning stage is in one season and your moving stage will be in another – start with seasonal items.

Prepare to empty one main room first so you have space to re-organize the other rooms.; storage room, basement, spare bedroom.

Set yourself up with 4 main sections: family, resale, charity and dumpster

As an example: Will you baking or hosting a large holiday gathering before your move? If not, decide which of those small appliances, serving dishes etc. you will need or want in your new home. One of the largest “catch all” rooms of the house, the kitchen, will immediately feel less cluttered and you will have positive vibes to tackle the rest.

This is no small undertaking – I understand that. If you have the time, take the time. If you don’t – call in a professional who will not only get your started, but in many cases, do it right along with you.


2. Memories

 photo of decluttering your home

Photos are one of the biggest hurdles – how can I get rid of those pictures of the kids at Christmas 25 years ago? All those trips we’ve taken? If you have the time, borrow a scanner and get to it. Also not for the faint of heart this is a huge project. I’ve been working on mine for 5 years now – still have 3 boxes to do. Alternatively, there are companies who will do this for you. You still have to sort them into groupings, but that is much easier and more fun that the scanning itself.

Grab the kids or friends and a bunch of Ziploc bags and just sort them. You’ll have fun reminiscing and you have just tackled a huge task.


3. Clothes

If you are like me, you have 3 sizes of almost similar outfits. It’s time folks – if you were going to be in either of those sizes, you would be there now. Pare it down to the size you are today. If things change when you move, you’ll deserve a new outfit or two – you would have earned it.

Use this thought process – don’t think of it as getting rid of things you like – choose your favourites first. Then if another favourite comes along – decide which is really your favourite.


4. Donate Donate Donate

Many items can be donated – see my Sellers Resources for contact information for several organizations that accept household goods. In addition, the Toronto Humane Society may take used towels, bedding and pillows for the animals.

The key to a stress free downsize is planning, support and patience. You accumulated these things over a great number of years. It’s going to take some time to deal with them.

I offer FULL service to my clients and can advise on a plan that will take you from the initial discussion on selling your home, right through to the move into your next place. Get in touch for more information on how I can help you.

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